Lone Wolf: From Beginning To End

by BluSuzy

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BluSuzy is back with her new EP taking you on an adventure through the apocalypse of growing up. The ex-lead singer of Insect Guide; described by the Guardian as “the sound of barbed wire delivered with roses”, has shed her shoegaze roots for a more electronic dystopian dance sound and invites you to come on this journey with her. Watch as friendships dissolve, cities fall apart and a nearly lover is lost again as the world rebuilds and transforms around us.


released July 25, 2017



all rights reserved


BluSuzy Leeds, UK

BluSuzy is back with her new EP. Watch as friendships dissolve, cities fall apart and a nearly lover is lost again as the world rebuilds and transforms around us.

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Track Name: Forever Never Friend
It all started when weren't friends
I saw you and let you in
You didn't talk to anyone
And I made space at our table

The next day you were my friend
I saw you and the fun began
You were better than anyone
And I watched you get so strong

The year after and we were one
You came to listen to my songs
You danced in front of the stage
And you were cooler than anyone

Two years later
And you are gone
Kept your distance when I did wrong
I grow weak and days got long
You didn't come over much at all

Seven years later and she got you
Trapped and conquered and trough
You were smiling through a broken tune
But you were back again my friend

Eight year later nailed down
You were there decrowned
Same stories in my head
Same phrases, half dead

Apart again my never friend
We'll never again my forever friend

WAKE UP. Wake up

Ten years later and you are dead
You have fallen on your feet
And I see you in super markets
Buying stuff for your dinner parties
We say hi in reserved tones
And I ask you what's new
You shrug and say nothing blue
I wonder if I have anything to say to you

What will happen when we get old?
Will your kids come to my show?
Will you just sit alone?
Oh Jesus will you die alone.
Track Name: Lone Wolf
Get out the city!
Hood up, head down.
I think you know we’re leaving town.
There are dark roads up ahead
But nothing is better than being dead

If I’m your girl you’ll run with me
If I’m your girl I’ll still be free

You’re a lone wolf
In a structured town and you scare them boy
So you’re going down
Bang! Bang!
Like a gun to the heart
And you never even knew where to start
With me

Sleeves down
Because we’re worlds apart
On the road with bending hearts
You write my name on your arm
Oh lone wolf, you’re going down.

Here’s a secret you share with me
We know how to run for free
Gangs aren’t big if you kill them dead
You’ve nothing to fear except my bed
Track Name: Kill Your Friends For Fun
I don't wanna hear the things that you did
I don't wanna hear the talking
Or the spit of your lips
I don't wanna sit through a night of this
I will never love you
You're old news but I keep smiling through
Or you will find ways to break me in two

Let's break this chain
Let's tear this thread
Let's not kiss our goodbyes or shake hands
With the nod of a head
Forget your dance floor, forget your bed
Forget your lies, hips
Forget you're pretty pretty

Forget your pretty pretty eyes
Forget your pretty to me

Think on your feet and knock them dead
Just walk away you're so well fed
I'm just fed up of watching you
You don't think enough to be untrue
You've never felt lost cos you've done what they want
You can take my hand and I'll lead you down
You can kill your friends
You can kill your friends, for fun
And you would,
With the slightest frown

This isn’t fun, this isn’t fun
Turn the music off
Put the lights up
We are going home
Track Name: In The Dark
You were far too far away
And I was late, I'm always late
And you were so numb but I just cut right through
And I was so dead but you just didn't see
For all the days that slid right by
For all the ways I wouldn't cry for you
Oh honey, why you walking
I said run stop your talking
We need to end this now
Before I disappear

And these boys don't scare you like I do, they'd like to
In the dark you'll find your heart and I will fall into your arms

On a rainy Monday
All the dry roads slipped away
You became a faded smudge in someone's blinded eye
I wish they cared about you
A little more than I do
What will you do when I go away?
Because no matter what I say
Oh honey why you walking
I said run stop your talking
We need to end this now before I disappear

And in the real world is probably just 2pm on a Tuesday
Track Name: Run With The Dogs
We run with dogs and we find safe ground, we battle in love and we never look down. Throw your grey hands up to the moon, howl and the dark will come too soon. Scream and scream at hard brick walls and tell me you're not looking for more than me

We run with the dogs choosing battle grounds, the sound of drums beating all around. And this is the killer as we look to the end, shiver in darkness turn away from your friends. Truly a lone wolf destroyed even then, running and running will this never end? Finishing phrases for your last best friend. Murdering secrets the chase never ends

There's something in the way you move when you move away. Something in the way you move when you move away

I see you walking away from my window
I wonder if you will not stay
I could reach out and touch you and ask you to dance
To a musicless future
To a heartbeatless band
Track Name: The End
Paint your face and fade away
Forgotten friends come out to play
I don't want to close my eyes
I just want to feel alive
And when this road comes to end
Will I see you round the bend
My never friend

I don't want to fall in love
But I see you in the sky above
I don't want to close my eyes
And dream of you another night
Close the door and hide the lies
Your static life will pass you by
Ah come on wake up
Won't you try?
Don't you want to survive?

Watch them run and turn away
You're all alone it's all a game
I don't want your wolf disguise
You just want to feel alive
And when our adventure ends
Will I see you round the bend
My never friend